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Its time to take action. We intend to invest or become entrepreneurs, but our fears stop us from achieving our goals. We invite you today, to unleash your fears of failure and join us in building a world-class organization for the Muslims. We are working to develop a company for security of ourselves, our family and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Our company is focussed on building projects to empower our generations. It’s not possible without you. Come and join our growing family.

Our Commitment

Being in business for the last 15 years, we know how hard it is to earn a single rupee. We are fully aware of the planning and hard work we need to put to earn money. One who earns and spends for the family and good cause of Muslims is protected and honoured by Allah. We are fully committed to protect and grow your hard earned money.

Lifetime Profits

Today is very crucial for us as it will help us organize our business and start a few wonderful projects with higher profit margins. Our target is to raise Rs. 20 Lakhs [Seed Investment] by the end of the day. By investing today, you officially join our family and become eligible for various benefits provided by our company to investors.

Track Record

Profits are subject to change based on sales and we cannot give exact prediction. But the monthly patterns show an average profit which we are depositing to the investors. Long term investments are calculated from 1st of every month to laste date of every month. Dec-2019: 6.30% | Jan-2020: 4.40% | Feb-2020: 4.90%

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