1. “OATH” in the name of Allah

1.1 The company management has full faith in Allah. In the name of Allah, the company management takes oath, that “We manage your investments in the best interest of Islam. We always take necessary steps to make sure that your investments are safe and secure. Under any circumstances, whatever it may be, we shall feel that your money is entrusted (amanath) to us and we are obliged to take care of it and shall not misuse it.”

1.2 If you trust Allah, and believe in our oath, then please invest with us and stay tension free forever. Else, do not invest with us and if any unexpected things happen in business, do not start questioning our loyalty. We promise that we are loyal to Allah and will never commit any fraudulent act. Invest with us, only when you have that patience. (Note: Delay in business, profits and refunds is not fraud, see clause 2.1)

2. Understanding Business

2.1 Based on earnings from business, we get profits. We calculate profits weekly and monthly wise, based on projects. In a given month, we may have following possibilities:

2.1.1 If there are more earnings, there is more profit.

2.1.2 If there are less earnings, the profits are less.

2.1.3 If the earnings are delayed, then the profits will be delayed. For example, in a project the earnings may not come in the given duration and may be delayed by a few days, weeks or months.

2.1.4 If there are no earnings, then the profit is nil.

2.1.5 However, even if there are no earnings as in case 1.3.4, the expenditures of business are still there like rents, salaries etc.. Thus, during this period, the over expenditures are considered as losses. The investors are abided to pay the expenditures in this period as proposed by the company.

2.1.6 The profits and refunds will also differ based on projects invested. Investment in one project might get early returns, (or) investments in one project may get delayed (or) investments in some projects might get on hold. Thus, the investor shall not compare one project from the other.

All above possibilities are part of business. Thus, (i) earning more profit, (ii) earning less profit, (iii) getting delayed in profit (iv) earning no profit (v) paying to recover losses, are all part of business and are not to be considered cheating or fraud under any circumstances.

3. Refunding The Affected Investments

Some of the investments are affected due to the cancellation/delay of projects and further due to the COVID pandemic. Such refunds are being processed on a weekly basis. We request investors to keep almost patience and we are fully committed to refunds alhamdulillah. We value every penny of your hard-earned money and we request your kind support and patience in handling the situation.

Updated: 11th June 2020

4. Long Term/New Investments

The investments which are done for long term and newly added (long terms) will continue to earn profits from the next month. The usual deposit dates have been extended from 5th to 20th of every month as we are recovering from Covid Pandemic shut down.

Updated: 11th June 2020

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