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Unemployment Problem : 5 Halal Business Which You Can Start Now

Assalamualaikum. Are you unemployed and looking to start a business? Here are some tips to start your business at the lowest possible cost and right at this moment. Running a business can be tricky, and we will also help you with total guidance. For one on one training, create support ticket or send whatsapp

1. Home Delivery Service:

Business Plan : Whether you stay in the city or a town, people always buy home needs. Give them home delivery service. You don’t need to own a general store for this. Just buy from other stores and charge a delivery service charge like Rs. 100/-. Gradually, the stores will give you some discount and later on you can direct purchase your own stock and sell it.

Required Things: Two Wheeler, Smart Phone  & Visiting Card

Education : Nothing, Just some reading and writing skills.

Support : Create Ticket

2. E-Services

Business Plan : With the increase in technology, most of the government and private sector services are opting for online applications. You can open an online services store and provide services like Pan Card, Passport, income and caste certificates, birth certificates, online bookings etc… Please check ESEVA PRO for more online services idea’s. You can do this work from home or by setting up a small store.

Required Things : Store, Computer, Internet Skills

Education: Minimum Matriculation

Support : ESEVA PRO

3. Laundry Service

Business Plan: If you are living in a city or town, laundry service would be a quick starter business. There is huge demand for laundry service in areas where working people live. You can provide both washing and iron service with door to door pickup and delivery.

Things Required : Washing Machine & Iron

Education : Nothing

 4. Contractor Services

You can become a  contrctor by building contacts with technicians like electrician, plumber, mason, painter etc.. You should have good leading and communication skills. Promote your services to customers and get the related technician as per work requirement. You can earn reasonable margins on this work.

Things Required: Communication Skills, Mobile Phone & Visiting Card

Education : Nothing

5. Consulting

If you are experinced in any field like teaching, marketing, human resources, interior designing etc… you can provide consulting services. You can do this from home or by having a website and making youtube videos.

Things Required: Technical Knowledge

Education : Minimum Diploma in respective field of consutling.

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