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Surviving Skills : How can I start business with Rs. 0/- Investment


It may sound funny, but we know someone who was a millionaire and got cheated by his family and came onto the road. With literally no money. Being a Muslim he never thought of suicide and worked hard. He has now again become a millionaire.

I asked him, how did he survive such a dire situation. He said, “In such situations, you have to believe your skills. Nothing else is going to help. I was skilled in all the works as an owner of the company. So I just started working online through my friend’s laptop and soon could make some money by writing articles and doing virtual assistant works. Using that money I again restarted the business and now Alhamdulillah I have made a reasonable income”.

The next question I got was, “What if we don’t have any such technical skills?”

So I started to google and found some great answers which opened up my eyes to a new level.

One advice which caught my attention was to sell fish 🙂

Seriously, it does seem to sound like a good business, when you don’t have a penny in hand. You could go to the nearest pond or lake. Catch fish for free, take them to the market and sell them at the market price. You can do this regularly until you make some money, then you can gradually scale up your business in same industry or start a new one.

This might seem foolish to us when we think it from our lifestyle perspective. But when I saw from the side of someone who lost everything and don’t have a penny. It does seem a piece of good advice.

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