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How Muslims Are Being Fooled?


I am writing this article with a broken heart. Shaitan has tricked us so well, that we are doing the opposite in every aspect of our day to day life. The recent trends happening in India are just a matter of concern. And yet no one is taking the responsibility. Why ? because we just don’t care.

During the last elections, our family prayed for the good of Ummah. Even before going to election, we prayed and was fully worried about the result. Next day, when my sister went to her college, most of her muslim friends made fun of her for voting. She came back home and cried about the fate of us Muslims. When we still don’t understand the seriousness of what is going on around us, how do we expect to change for the better ?

Dear brothers and sisters, do you know that the life of Muslims is being threatened every where ? People are planning for each and every possible way to wipe out our existence and power. I follow some facebook groups and see even secular non-muslims are so much worried about where our country is heading to. They are taking up social works, forming political parties to fight against the wrong doings. Because, the party is power is systematically destroying every thing which gives others power. If this continues, there is not doubt that the current government will rule for ever. Because their ideology is spread everywhere, into every ones blood and they are working hard to be in power.

And we muslims are busy sharing social media posts and seeing unrealistic dreams. The last election is an eye opener of how social media fooled everyone. Every one of us on social media thought the old government is not going to win, but it did win. Did you ever think why ? Because, social media is used only by 10% of the people and 90% of them are away from it. They don’t understand what is logic and what is illogical.

The party which won, has clearly understood it. Their blatant false promises and false claims clearly show that they are not focusing on the educated 10%, they are focusing on the 90% incapable minds who don’t understand logic. It’s high time, we understand how we are being fooled. And get to ground work.

Lest, it could be too late and things may go out of hand to the extend, that we may not control.

May Allah give us understanding of the current situations and make the right decisions inshaAllah.

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