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What it’s like to be poor ?


“100% of the people reading this article might have never faced hunger. We never know about the people who don’t have food to eat. They stay hungry for 2-3 days without money and food to eat. We might have faced hunger while fasting, dieting and some times not eating on time. It’s unbearable for one time. Then again we get to eat in abundance, like we are giving punishment for being hungry for some time.

But did we ever think that there are people who face this hunger every day. Feeding themselves and their families, and staying secure in some sheds is their only purpose of life. They don’t have time to think about other things.

 As a part of our campaign to help the needy people with some small scale business, we recently visited a family. A single parent with two children. The parent works at various homes for a living and sends her kids to schools. She usually works in the monring hours and is free at home in the evenings. We had scheduled meetings with her for 2-3 days continously.

During our meetings, we have noticed how hard it was for her to run her house. The bare minimum she earns from working is sufficient for the rent, kids and medicines. And eating every day is one of the biggest struggles she faces.

We could have never felt the pain, if someone told this story to us. Because that feeling cannot be expressed in words. It has to be felt. She arranges food for the kids for just two times a day, morning and evening. They get lunch at their schools. Sometimes they might have to skip the dinner, to afford the next day breakfast. And the mom, eats just once a day.

The day, our training was going on. We reached her home in the afternoon. We asked her, if she had lunch. She said, she would be having in sometime. We started the work, after an hour or so, someone came to her home and gave her some money. She brought some rice, vegetables from a nearby shop and cooked. Not just for her family but also us, the two of us. Its always pleasure to see, the most poor of us are the most generous.

Does giving her some amount will ever solve the problem ? No, she may feed her family for few days but she will continue to face the problem again and again. The only solution to this struggle is to help her earn decent amount where she can afford the house rent, kids schools and health meals every day.

We have been dedicatedly working to empower these kind of families in what ever way possible. It’s not for free, we developed a business strategy. Where they work, earn and also share some profits with us.

Want to be part of our project ? You can make a small investment and help these kind of families and also earn a decent profit. Please go through our guide on Muslims Empowerment (we are not asking for zakat or sadaqah, a genuine investment with genuine returns).

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