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Halal Equity Shares : First company to offer them.

We are the frist company to offer Halal Equity Shares. So far, there were many companies which took halal investments. But none offered direct equity shares to the investors. Allotting equity shares is the legal and actual investment process at all conventional companies. And the process acceptable by the department of corporate affairs and local Governments.

We are the first company to provide direct Halal Equity Shares. Equity Shares help investors to earn profits and grow assets at the same time in the long run

What is a share?

A share is an indivisible unit of capital, expressing the ownership relationship between the company and the shareholder. One share is of the value Rs. 100/-.

What are Halal Equity Shares ?

An equity share, is a form of fractional or partial ownership given to the investor. The percentage of ownership is directly proportional to the investment. An equity shareholder, is a partial owner of the company. And undertake maximum entrepreneurial risk associated with a business venture. And the equity share holders have the voting rights on company decisions.

If an investor invests about Rs. 1,00,000/-, then he will be owning 1000 shares in the company. If the total amount of investment in the company is about Rs. 10,00,000/- which is equal to  10,000 shares. Then the equity share holder  who invested Rs. 1,00,000/- will be considered as the 10% owner of the company. His voting share will be of 10% to the total voters.

Share Holding Certificate

All the investors having halal equity shares will be provided with the registered share holding certificate.

What is the benefit of Equity Share Holder?

The normal investment management companies give you back the invested amount. You may earn profit, but your capital amounts assets never grow. As an equity share holder, your value of investment grows as the company assets grow. In the long run, your assets develop based on the share value.

How much can I invest?

You can start investing from Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 25,00,000/-

How do I get back the amount invested?

It’s simple, you can sell back your shares to the company and take your investment back. This is usally a 1-2 months process.

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