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Islamic Finance Job Opportunities

[Islamic Investments] is inviting students of Islamic Finance from across the world. To join our community programs in helping ummah involve in halal investments and earn halal income.

Islamic Investments is moving ahead with the intention to build halal business programs across the world. And alhamdulillah we already have a good number of Muslims across the world supporting our cause. We are now looking to build a robust system which will benefit the ummah on a larger scale. Which is possible by growing our team of Islamic finance experts.

How can you work with us?

If you are an Islamic Finance Graduate, then there is good news for you. Our company is doing a lot of research work, publishing articles, journals and holding events related to the importance of Islamic Finance. As a graduate of Islamic Finance, you get an opportunity to participate in these programs and improve your skills and benefit the ummah.

What more? You also get paid accordingly as per your contributions and it will be a long term assocaition. Our company is looking to revolutionize Islamic Investments, Islamic Business, Islamic Banking, Islamic Mutual Funds & Islamic Insurance policies for the larger benefit of ummah inshaAllah.

Long Term Association:

Before you join us, please make sure. We are looking for long term association. We are not a training company, where students can just come learn and go. We are looking for serious candidates, who are intersted to learn, implement projects and benefit the community with our works. And we will inshaAllah take care of the reasonable financial assistance based on your inputs to us.

You have to understand as an individual it is difficult to impact the society as we can do in a collective group. Hence, we are only looking forward for people without ego and who are willing to put collective efforts in building in what we see a largest Islamic Investment Management Company in the world.

What you can do?

  1. Bring your research work to reality
  2. Educate large number of people
  3. Investments Guidance
  4. Head our branches and more…

You have a vision, then only you can achieve it. InshaAllah

Support : Support to Graduates will be provided only through our Support Ticket system. Please do not contact us on phone, whatsapp or email for guidance. As those are limited to investor support: Create Ticket

If interested, please fill the form below and we will get back asap.

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