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Be Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) or Be a Crab


Note: For the love of Hussain (RA), please read it completely.

The name of Imam Hussain (RA) is enough to bring tears into our eyes. He is the beloved grandson of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) about whom the Prophet said, “Hussain is part of me, and I am part of him. May Allah love those who love Hussain. Hussain is one of my grandsons.”. (al-Tirmidhi). Hussain (RA) is younger brother of Hassan (RA) who was also poisoned by enemies of Islam. Prophet was so fond of both the brothers, that he used to sit like a camel and take them on their back. And the Prophet never wanted to see them sad.

Hussain (RA) was beheaded on 10th Muharram for not pledging alliance to Yazid, by his army. Whereas it’s quite easy for us, to tell that. Remember his name for a day or two. However, as Muslims, there is a big lesson for us to learn from it.

Hussain (RA) stood for the truth and Islam brought by his grandfather. He never bowed to an unjust ruler, though he lost his complete clan including a 6 months old son in his hands. Imagine one of your kids dying in your hands. What could be the pain he has faced seeing all his sons and relatives being killed unjustly in front of his eyes. If he could just say a word, that I vow my alliance to Yazid, all this could have been avoided.

Every year, we pass many resolutions on new year’s. But for Muslims, Allah has himself given a resolution in the first month of Islamic Calendar. The resolution is, to be brave like Hussain (RA) and fight for Islam and justice.

Brothers, unfortunately, we don’t remember the heroic act of Imam Hussain. Allah made it happened in the first month of Islamic Calendar and on an auspicious day like Ashura. So that, we remember the sacrifices of our beloved grandson of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and we could do at least 0.1% of what he did my brothers. Just 0.1%.

He lost 72 members of his immediate family and friends. Today, we are not being asked to die for Islam. We are expected to just take small actions like supporting each other to strengthen ourselves.

The whole Muslim community is suffering, and we don’t have anyone to stand for us. The Muslim youth has confined hard work and empowerment to sloganeering on facebook, twitter and sharing #hashtags. Its very unfortunate, people think getting banned on facebook for sharing #savekashmir hashtag as jihad. Brothers, there is really no need for others to poke fun at us. We have made enough fools of ourselves. Nothing is going to happen, by sharing hashtags, you can make a difference, when you enter the field and just give a glass of water to the needy.

I have made a resolution today and I demand you too, to make a resolution that we will stand for Islam just like Hussain (RA) did. We will become a source to empower Islam, we will make Islam prosper, we will face all the difficulties in this world to ensure the world is a safe place to live for all. It all starts with one person and not a group.

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people as long as they do not change their condition themselves” [Quran: al-Ra’d 13:11]

Imam Hussain is remembered as a hero because he alone stood against the unjust rulers, despite his friends asking him to back off. When he didn’t go back, none of them left him alone. Today we need such Muslims. We need Muslims who can stand for themselves and others too. Brothers and sisters, I request you all, make a decision now and participate in transforming the lives of Muslims.

Our company is solely formed with the intention to empower Muslims in the long run. When we see the history of Islam, the wealthy businessmen always supported Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) with people, assets and every small requirement to spread Islam. This world is based on adbaab (sources) and it is required. Hence, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has encouraged business and there is lot of barakah in business earnings.

We have just taken a small step, and there is a lot more to be done. We see our company in the future impacting the community and international trade. More than on our team, we have faith in Allah. InshaAllah Allah can do anything, and we can never expect less from Him.

Be Hussain (RA) and be part of an organization which is transforming Muslims life. Or you can just live a life of crab. There is an interesting observation among crabs, and it’s used in the business circles as “Crab Mentality”. When you leave a few crabs in the bucket. You can be rest assured not to cover the bucket with a lid. Because the crabs in the bucket never allow the other crabs trying to come out of the bucket and they never escape.

It’s a very important aspect to think on brothers and sisters. Today, are we going to transform our state and beg Allah to shower blessing on us. Or just sit down like a crab in a bucket and discourage people who are willing to take the challenges and transform our state.

We look forward to you, join us today and make a real difference.

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