This section is to outline the commitment of [Islamic Invsetments] to business as per Islamic Shariah. Our company is formed with the intention to influence and impact each and every individual across the world. Every big project has a  small and huble beginning and so did we started small with a big vision. Our aim is to involve every Muslim with our company and build an Islamic Business Congomerate.

Our intention is pure and we have the will and strength to achieve this by the grace of Allah. Thus, we would like to clearly mention. That [Islamic Investments] no way involves in any kind of activity which is unislamic and against the Islamic Shariah. The investors and stake holders are requested to read our guidelines and never resort to any such activity which will hinder our business process.

These things are part of business and not fraud.

1. Taking Investments:

Every organisation which is looking to grow, whether it is conventional business or Islamic Business requires investments. Islam allows taking investments and infact encourages for mutual growth.

2. Investment Management:

Investment is managed with the clean intentions. We value each and every rupee of our investor and ensure that it is not misused. We consider your money as an Amanath.

3. Delay in Payments:

Managing business is not an easy task and sometimes, there are delays in payments. Islam clearly instructs investors to be patient in this case and that is what makes your investment halal. Unfortunately, many muslims who want halal profits, but are not able to wait. Obviously the delay happens because of business process and no one is doing that intentionally. Some projects in large organisations get halted for even like 2 years, that doesnt mean the company is doing fraud. They are so big, it may not effect them. But it shows an impact on smaller companies.

When such delay happens, they blame the company to be doing fraud, or cheating and go on even to abuse parents and doing takfir. Unfortunately, the latest mindset, is the company should either do wonders or it’s just a fraud. Not all the time, there are also companies who struggle and do everything to grow. The best idea is to be patient and take back investments smoothly.

4. Pressurizing:

Many people resort to presurrizing to get back their money. 99% of the time pressurizing blocks the payments and doesn’t get them. For example, a person has a shop and he has to give you Rs. 25,000/-. You go to his shop and close it. The main source of trust and income for this person is his shop. When the shop itself is closed, no body is going to trust him nor he can earn anything from shop.

5. Insulting & Abuses, Character Assasination

If any unwanted thing happens in business, people (employees, investors or stake holders) straight away get to insulting. Most of the time, these are assumptions, lies  and not based on facts.

6. Risk

Many people do not understand the risk of showing their hatred or frustration. With the increase in use of online social media, even a small negative thing leaves a huge impact on business. It not only risks investors money but also lives of employees working with the organisation. For example other day one guy shared that a famous restaurant is serving dogs meat. He did so just to avoid a party which he had to give to his friends at that restaurant. That small post sent to his friends went so much viral. That even the branches of those restaurants got shut down for 2 days with lot of panic among the customers. Then a case was filed and police finally got hold of the guy.

7. Social Media & Reviews

Hence, first we should never share such things on public forum. And second, we should not believe them so easily and risk the business of the company. We are here strong and to sustain providing total security of investors. Many people who are either hurt by us, or jealous of us without our intervention may resort to such activities.

We should always see both sides of the story and should never believe one side. Hence our company does not encourage reviews in any way. Because these days, its easy to get a fake review and the people who got good service doesnt always give a review, but the one who got bad services gives them more. So just based on negative review, we can’t judge some company.

8. Promotions

Our company does not promote investments, we do not have agents and we accept investments only through this website. We even do not ask any influential pesonality to recommend our business, as we don’t want to influence anyone’s mind and do business with only people who are interested in business and know how to be paitent during the tough times.

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