How to save yourself from Mob Lynching ?


The recent trend of mob lynching in India is very saddening. Here are some of the things you can follow, to avoid yourself become target of mob lynching. Please spread the message, especially among the weaker sections, who may not be reading this content.

1. Mob lynching usually occurs on people who look feared and weak. Always talk bold and look strong.

2. Avoid travelling alone and avoid areas where there are chances of groupisms.

3. Avoid going in areas which are not populated.

4. Don’t indulge in unnessary arguments with group. Especially in areas where you do not know anyone.

5. Incase you fear attack, dial 100 and call police. Then, call your friends or relatives who can come at earliest.

6. If the group has already gathered and started fighting with you. Don’t fight back, just try to compromise with them.

7. If they are taking you to isolate place, start shouting for help. Don’t panic.

8. If they are hitting you, act beyond what is real. Act fainted or weak. The more you show strength, more they try to hit.

9. Read “Hasbunallu wa nai mal wakeel”.

10. Look for a chance to run away from that place.

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