Boycott Zomato Trend : Can Muslims Boycott Hindu Food & Services

Boycott Zomato

The above tweets sums up it all. The guy cancelled order because it was being delivered by a Muslim Boy. He was not happy with it and zomato instead of regretting the incident. Zomato supported it. So, few people started to share this asking their friends to uninstall zomato as it is against hindu’s. And soon it became a trend.

Some also blamed that zomato serves halal food and hence it is pro-muslim and against hindus. For those who do not know what is halal, the answer is as follows : Halal is the process and standards taught by Islam to follow before consuming food. This process and standards ensure that the food is clean, hygienic and free from impurities.

This whole event brought my attention to how beautiful Islam is. One important question every one has now is

Can a Muslim deny buying food from a Hindu, just because he is a Hindu ?

The answer is a big No. A Muslim can definitely buy from a Hindu or any other non-muslim shop as long as he sells the halal products. Intentionally not buying from a non-Muslim shop/business owner to ensure he incurs loss is not permissible in Islam as it accounts to unethical trade practices. Same is the case to encourage others to not buy from a specific seller just because he is a non-muslim is also not permissible in Islam as you are trying to intentionally hurt the business of an individual which is sin.

Islam clearly distinct s what is halal and what is haram. And we are no one to mess with it.  So it is humble request to readers. Please share this article widely. Let other’s spread hatred. Let us spread the love of Islam.

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