By investing with ‘Islamic Investments’ you abide by the following terms and conditions.

1. Investments are subject to market risks.

2. Investments may fetch profits and losses.

2.1 The best investment is a long term investment that absorbs losses and delays if any.

2.2 To understand the overall profit of your investment for an year, you need to be ideally patient for a minimum period of 18 months.

3. Your investment can be 100% safe, if you exhibit high level of patience during the business transaction.

3.1 Putting presssure for profits is similar to like demanding interest on investment.

3.2 For a period of time, the profits may not be generated ideally and you may not get the returns for such period.

4. By investing with us, you agree to accept any such profits/losses/delays.

4.1 Investment is an asset and not a service. Hence, you shall not take any action/reviews towards losses/delays in payments which are part of business.

4.2 Any such action/review will only lead to blockage/delay/further loss of combined investments of other individuals. A recent case study has shown that by complaint of less than .25% of investors, a company which had lakhs of investors got shut down and by not compliance of less than 1000 investors of a company, more than lakhs of investors lost their hard earned money.Thus if you do not have patience to stand by your investments with patience, kindly do not invest with us.

4.3 By complaining about the losses/delays on investments, you are infact complaining about your own money which will automatically become further risky for you.

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